Con-Serv Water Recovery Systems, The Best Solution for Water Recovery. Water is an essential element of our life, water is used for many purposes, but if the water continuously used without any limitation, some day it can be run out. We should preserve water resource and use it wisely; one of the ways is by doing water recovery system. This recovery system enables us to re-use the water after being used. One of famous water recovery systems is con-ser water recovery systems, located in Lakeland, Florida USA. This con-serv water recovery systems have been operated over thirty years, and the water equipments are already widely used all over the world for many applications, such as for vehicle washes, agriculture, dairy farm, citrus packaging, manufacturing plants and others.

Con-serv water recovery systems are fully committed to be best water recovery provider to its customers through high quality service and process. At the beginning, con-serv water recovery systems only focused on car wash industry, next in its progress, this manufacturer produces several latest products such as storage tanks, water pump system, spot without rinse system and other products. Not only creates new products, in order to enhance their water quality, con-serv water recovery systems apply some advanced systems like biocide injection and ozone generators. No wonder if con-ser water recovery systems, is the only water recovery systems solution for vehicle wash water.

To keep its existence as number one water recovery, con-serv water recovery systems introduce its new advanced product for water recovery, they are affordable RO systems, ultra filtration tool and membrane systems. Con-serv water recovery systems are best solution for your whole water equipment needs.

When you need some water recovery equipment from con-serv recovery systems, you can contact the head office in Lakeland, Florida, but if you live out of USA, you may contact some distributors and Dealers that available in some countries below:

– ARC International at Karama, Dubai, UAE

– Car World Pty, LTD. At NSW, Australia

– Imperial Enterprise at Kiev, Ukreine, Russia

– EFS at Turnhoutsebaan, Belgium

– Car Wash & Detail Distributors at Sanjuan, PR

– Car Wash Spain S.L, at Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

If you concern to preserve water source, do not waste your used water, you can re-use it by using con-serv water recovery systems.

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